Cozy Tavern - local food

Vetsi Talli Tavern

Kassari’s summer flowers and the sea. The gentle wind blow in your hair – This is a real summer vibe.
Our Vetsi Talli Holiday Village is right in the middle of it.

The old horse stable (EST – “Tall”) has become a modern but at the same time rustic place to have enjoyable meal.
Fresh fish straight from the sea is served to everybody who found place to stay over night or just passing by.


The Tavern is open on high season
* The kitchen closes 20:30 p.m
* Table reservation: +372 5384 5280


Vetsi Talli Tavern
Vetsi Talli Puhkeküla, Kassari, 92111 Hiiu maakond
tel +372 463 6146