Enjoy the vibes and party till dawn

Carriba club

Nightclub Carriba situated in Käina is the first and only nightclub in Hiiumaa. There is a great carriba vibe in the nightclub. Should you be tired after a party but cannot get home, you can get some sleep in Hotel Lõokese, which in the same building with the nightclub.

There are different artists and events, which offer relaxation to everyone. You can keep an eye on our events and activities via the fan page on Facebook “Carriba Club”.

Come and party with us or rent the club for your own venue! An ideal party place for a larger group of people. The club suits well arrange trainings/seminars.

Briefly about Carriba:

  • fits up to 250 persons
  • seats by the table, on bars tools and couches for about a 100
  • VIP room
  • separate toilet rooms from men and women
  • wardrobe
  • dancehall with a stage on the 1st floor
  • balcony overlooking the dancehall on II floor
  • fully equipped bar on the 1st floor
  • sound and light equipment
  • free parking
  • bank card payment option


Carriba club
Lõokese tänav 14, Käina alevik, Hiiumaa vald, Hiiu maakond
tel +372 463 6146