Kassari Holiday Resort Hotel - Nice hotel in Hiiumaa

Every Estonian has heard of Hiiumaa and some of them have been here, too, at least once.
But just a few have heard of Hiiumaa’s hidden gem – the Kassari Holiday Centre. This hotel with excellent vacation opportunities is located in scenic surroundings at the heart of juniper-filled Kassari island and is the only hotel in Hiiumaa offering such modern amenities right next to a beach.
Hotel rooms with a kitchen space are perfect for a comfortable holiday. Air conditioners help to keep the rooms cool on hot summer days and mosquito nets on the windows guarantee a good night’s sleep.
Our chef will take care of your food experience – be it breakfast in the morning hours or the delicious menu of the Lest & Lammas restaurant. Find refreshment on hot summer days in the bubble bath on the hotel’s roof terrace or at the small pebbly, junipery Kassari beach. It is halfway to the Sääre tirp peninsula, right next to the village swing court and very easy to find.

Vetsi Talli Holiday Village - Apple garden romance

Vetsi Tall holiday village is famous for its beautiful apple garden and peculiar camping houses. They are not your usual garden houses but shaped like barrels which is exactly how the locals call them. Who wouldn’t like to sleep in a barrel for a change?
For that, you need to come to Kassari. In case you are not the hoteling type but wish to have a roof over your head, come to Vetsi Tall. We have camping houses with everything you need for a good night’s stay.
A great place to chill and dine is the Vetsi Tall tavern, open in high season, offering the best the island has to offer with special attention to fish. Accommodation season starts around June and ends in August, but the more exact dates are dictated by weather.

KASSARIOTSA HOLIDAY HOUSE - Your cozy coastal retreat is waiting for you

This small cosy cottage in a very special location offers great opportunities for a fantastic holiday regardless of the season. It is a perfect holiday home for anyone, including families with children, groups of friends, fishing aficionados or nature lovers. The holiday home is pet friendly and four-legged friends are welcome – just let us know beforehand. The old beach fishermen harbour where the house is comes to life already in the early morning hours during the fishing season. Witness fishermen going out to sea in the morning and coming back in the afternoon. With good luck, you’ll be able to buy fresh fish from the right on the pier to enrich your meals. For a more private and quiet holiday, come in winter when there is less traffic in the area. The tender summer evenings, however, are perfect for relaxation on the outside terrace while enjoying a barbecue. Every true Hiiumaa home has a sauna – so does our holiday home. Both the holiday home and the sauna house have electrical saunas that are easy to use.

KASSARI APARTMENT - Modern apartment

This guest apartment with four bedrooms is suitable for a bigger family or a smaller group of friends. It has all the amenities and is perfect both for a longer or a shorter stay. The modern apartment has a fully-equipped kitchen, balconies, WiFi and a TV. You can park your car in front of the house and the roomy entrance hall has space for bicycles. Rooms have two separate beds and accommodate up to eight people. Two extra beds for children can be fit in additionally. If you wish to take a rest from cooking during your vacation, Lest & Lammas restaurant (Flatfish and Lamb in Kassari Holiday Centre) is just a two-minute walk away and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Letting us know beforehand, your four-legged friend is welcome in the guest apartment.

HOTEL LÕOKESE - Convenient place to stay

Hotel Lõokese is located in the complex of the old Sõpruse kolkhoz where construction started in the 1960s and finished at the beginning of the 1980s. The architecture is typical of the 20th century with a varied division of space and heavily disjunct blocks. The hotel was adapted into this building in the middle of the 1990s and still carries its original name. Staying here is a great way to experience the architecture of recent history as the layout has been changed as little as possible and the whole interior still carries the spirit of the nineties. As the biggest hotel on the island, it is the perfect place to stay for a bigger group of people to celebrate birthdays, summer days, style parties or sports and choir camps, for example. The indisputable favourites among all the visitors are the outdoor pools that offer a great place to stay on a hot summer day for adults and children alike. Larger rooms with access to the pool area of especially high regard. There is lots of entertainment for children – a playroom, a children’s pool –, but the spacious building itself with its long corridors and fun hideaways offers great opportunities for play as well.

HOTEL LIILIA - Convenient place to stay

Liilia hotel with its light facade and beautiful arches are impossible to go unnoticed by anyone who visits Käina. There is no room for error!
Here, in the heart of Käina, you can have the most comfortable holiday with everything right at hand.
Just a short walk away are the shop, restaurants, the recently opened Wind Tower Experience Centre and the Käina Sports Centre with a swimming pool.
In Hiiumaa, everything is close by and it only takes half an hour to get to Kärdla, Heltermaa or Sõru, as well as to the paradise island of Kassari.
Comfortable beds recently renovated showers and air-conditioned rooms on the second-floor await. All rooms have a TV and a WiFi connection.
The first floor has a self-service dining room where guests can make coffee and tea and have a fridge and a microwave at their disposal.
The hotel is mainly self-service, without personnel, therefore we advise you to let us know about your arrival and special wishes beforehand. During the low season (01 September to 31 May) we offer accommodation only for groups.