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Bicycle, boat, and ship rent

You can rent bicycles from the reception of the hotel of Kassari Holiday Centre or plan a cruise with a rowboat or a motorboat. For a larger party, we offer a fun cruise with the iron ship “Katrin”.

Discover Kassari by land—rent a bicycle!

You can rent bicycles from the reception of the hotel of Kassari Holiday Centre. Bicycles for men and women are both available. A child’s seat can be added to some bicycles. When you ride a bicycle, please follow the traffic regulations and treat the bicycle well.  You can ask information on the bicycle roads of Hiiumaa from the reception or choose a route to your liking from the following: Kassari-Käina ; Sõru-Emmaste-Kõpu ; Luidja-Kõrgessaare-Kärdla ; Tahkuna ; Heltermaa-Suuremõisa-Hellamaa-Kärdla or check www.eurovelo.org.

Bicycle rent price:

  • € 10 per hour
  • price per 24 hours: €25

Discover Kassari by the sea—rent a boat or book a cruise!

We have 2 rowboats for rent, with an engine. The boats are at the Kassariotsa Port and you need to make an advance booking. The boat fits up to 3 persons.

  • Rental price of motorboat €60/a day

The vessel will be handed over to the client at the port with the necessary equipment (boat, oars, engine, anchor, safety vests). The client will return the vessel and the equipment in the same condition on the agreed-upon time to the port.

Renting depends on the weather and is on the customer’s own responsibility.

Please steer safely at the sea and do not overestimate your abilities! Make sure to take a mobile phone with a full battery with you to call for help if necessary.

Fun cruise with iron ship Katrin

Rent our fun cruise ship “Katrin” and enjoy a relaxing voyage with your friends! The cruise ship “Katrin” accommodates 8 passengers. The cruise can be enjoyed on the deck of the ship or indoors. The vessel is rented out with a captain only, and the cruise begins and ends at the Orjaku Port.

Renting depends on the weather and will take place only on the captain’s approval.

The minimum rent time of the vessel is 2 hours, which includes the captain of the ship and safety vests.

Price starting from € 100/per hour

Additional information and orders: kassarikeskus@hiiumaale.ee, or via phone: +372 463 6146.


Bicycle, boat, and ship rent
Kassari küla, Hiiumaa vald, 92111 Hiiumaa
tel +372 463 6146