Hiiumaa fish and beer

Hiiumaa fish and beer festival 2023

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The IX Hiiu Fish and Beer Festival will take place on August 19, 2023 at the Kassari Holiday Center!

Fish has probably been caught on the island as long as people have lived here, and local beer is mentioned in historical documents for the first time in 1284. Today, local fish and locally brewed beer can be enjoyed all year round at the Kassari Holiday Centre, and that is why it is a suitable place for a dignified food feast.

Come and good food, local beer and entertainment program.


If you brew yourself or know someone who brews beer in Hiiumaa, let us know! At the festival, there will be a competition between local beers, where we welcome all Hiiumaa beer makers. The favorite is chosen by the people!

We will publish the festival program soon.

Lest&Lammas meat products with Kassari light beer


Kassari Holiday Center
Kassari village, Hiiumaa parish, 92111 Hiiumaa
tel +3725175665